Wanted: Questions & Blog Post Suggestions - Advent Calendar

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Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.

At this point (at the end of the year), I would like to use this possibility to ask for your feedback concerning my blog. I've been reflecting on what the best Advent calendar could be here on the blog, and actually, I think the best ones around are the ones where readers get to affect the content of the blogs they like to read. So I ask you, dear reader, please help me in collecting at least 24 questions and blog post suggestions. What have you been wondering about? What have you liked on the blog the most? Is something missing?

Näin vuoden lopussa, haluan kääntää huomion ruudun toiselle puolelle, eli teihin lukijoihin. Olen miettinyt sopivaa joulukalenteria, ja lopuksi päädyin ratkaisuun, jossa pyytäisin teiltä kysymyksiä ja blogikirjoitusehdotuksia. Näin pystyn teille tarjoamaan mahdollisuutta osallistua blogin tekemiseen ja vaikuttaa sen sisältöön. Eli rakkaat lukijat, auttakaa minua keräämään ainakin 24 kysymystä tai blogikirjoitusaihetaa. Mistä kirjoituksesta olette pitäneet eniten? Haluaisitteko tietää enemmän jostain tietystä asiasta?

And last but not least, I would like to share this video about the Christmas magic in my home country, offered by the Finnish airline Finnair!

Tämän lisäksi haluan jakaa Finnairin joulumieltä tällä alla olevalla videolla! Hyvää joulun odotusaikaa!

What's your opinion?

  1. What a great idea! I would love to know more about how you celebrate the holidays. Your favourite traditions, best gift you ever received....stuff like that!

  2. Advent calenders are rare in America. My German teacher in middle school had one, that's the only time I remember using one

    1. Here in the country of Santa Claus they are super common..everyone has at least one, if not several ones.


  3. 1. How to beat the winter depression in Finland? I'm not sure if you have but I do. Playing sport is one good way, but any more recommendations? I play sport frequently but if I look for something else to do in winter, it's quite rare

    2. Your Christmas wishlist :)

    3. How do you feel about the current Finnish economy? Press is full of negative news. Are you affected by that?

    4. The year 2014 wrap-up and also probably 2015 planning :)

    5. What kind of things/tradition/food you had a lot in Christmas when you were a kid, but you don't have it any more nowadays?

    Just a few suggestions... I'm eager to know all :)

  4. Matkajuttusi on olleet mielenkiintoisia :)

  5. okay, here come some questions from me:
    1. do you collect something? I mean as a hobby. and I mean stuff that is not dragonfly-related ;)
    2. what do you and your man think about getting a pet? :)
    3. what are the things you liked here in Estonia and what not?

    Part of me