Long live dates!

I realized a long time ago that when my life becomes hectic or busy, I lose my sense of writing. My mind becomes disorganized and I cease to read my feelings and thoughts.

The last couple of weeks have been like that. Ever since this new period started in my uni. This is my final year and it's definitely noticeable. I’ve suddenly had so much to do that I haven’t had any spare time. I used to love coming home, but during this period of time, it’s only been stressful because I’ve seen my computer lurking at me, haunting me to work on school assignments. But it had paid off in a sense, because I have almost finished my theoretical part of the thesis I’m writing. Of course, I still want to work on it, but right now the first draft, let’s say, is done. Today I even got more motivating news- I’ve maybe found an assigner. That would mean a definite higher grade so I would be thrilled, ambitious as I am concerning my studies.

Recently, I’ve had another, even bigger reason to smile. My busy days have been filled with happiness since I’ve met my boyfriend. Or let’s say, since we decided to be together. Everybody that knows us two knows as well as I do, that we knew each other quite a while before becoming an item. I don’t think it’s a secret that I have been doubtful about the quality of Finnish men. Not because they are just pure bad, but more rightly said, not suitable for me.

This time I have been proved wrong, and I am not ashamed to admit it. But just because I have such a stubborn personality, I insist that this stands for just one case. I refuse to admit to having changed my opinion. Obviously. That would mean that I was wrong, hehe.

But back to this wonderful specimen of mine. I have to praise him a little bit, that is just how happy he makes me. He completes me. He’s my lobster <3 at="at" br="br" close="close" else="else" enough.="enough." friends="friends" has="has" he="he" if="if" know="know" least="least" means="means" nobody="nobody" that="that" watched="watched" what="what" will="will">

Just today, we were discussing games and rules of dating. One of my dear class mates was stressing about a date she was going on today. It got me thinking. There is a define difference about how girls deal with dates and how guys approach them. Funnily enough, one of my class’ boys gave her some good advice. He pointed out that whatever date will go fine as long as the girl:

1) uses deodorant
2) takes a shower
3) gets herself a so called “social bladder”, that is goes to the bathroom at least three times during a date to show that everything down there works properly
4) buys popcorn that she places right between the legs of her date so she can easily grab the last popcorn on the bottom of the box, if you get what I’m saying and
5) wears as little as possible.

Of course these remarks were made as a joke, but I must admit that each of us girls started thinking about if there wasn’t a hint of truth in it all. We women have wanted to unveil the truth about boys’ dating rules since the day girls and boys started dating. Let’s face it, men are the mysterious ones when it comes to dating, and women are like open books. We don’t need much in order to be satisfied and happy with a date. Just some reassurance and encouragement. I’ve never actually been the dating type. I can’t remember having a relationship with anyone I’ve dated.

My former boyfriends have all been my friends or at least somebody I have been acquainted with. Dates have always in my case become strange at some point. Maybe it’s just because I don’t know the rules of dating. I never know what is expected of me, and when I get nervous, I start to babble. Go figure. Anyway I think dating a false way to get to know somebody. As I have mentioned earlier, people act in a certain way when they date. Nobody tells everything about themselves while dating. It’s first when a relation evolves into a relationship that the truth comes out. I guess that is why I don’t believe in dating. I believe in relationship dating though. Once you are in a relationship, it’s fun to go out on dates. It’s funny how dates never cease to tell things about the person you’re on the date with. Long live dates I say as a romantic person.

What's your opinion?