Spring plans & Plingsulli illustrations

Helsinki, 2 degrees


We are made for loving. If we don’t love, we will be like plants without water.

Today, after a long period of little sunlight, Helsinki was happily surprised by a beautifully sunlit day. Today's almost springlike weather made me think of spring. Some time ago, I came across an article on Decor8 that introduced the Swedish illustrator Plingsulli. I immediately liked the illustrations as they reminded me of spring and summer, and all it's glorious flora. This spring will be filled with business trips: in February I will be going to Oslo, Norway and later in March I'll visit Berlin, Germany and Amsterdam, Holland. Exciting times. It will be my first time in all three cities. I wonder what kind of flora I'll find in these places?

Tänään nähtiin pitkästä aikaa aurinkoa Helsingissä. Aurinkoinen sää sai minut ajattelemaan kevättä. Vähän aikaa sitten törmäsin Decor8:n artikkeliin, jossa esiteltiin ruotsalaisen Plingsullin kuvitusta. Ihastuin kuvitukseen koska se muistutti minua kevään ja kesän ihanasta kasvillisuudesta. Tänä keväänä tulen käymään työmatkoilla Oslossa, Berliinissä ja Amsterdamissa. 


I would love to receive tips on what to see and do in these European cities! Share your hints with me!

Otan mielelläni vastaan vinkkejä kaupunkien käyntikohteista! Oletko käynyt näissä kaupungeissa?

What's your opinion?

  1. I cant wait for spring
    new post http://melodyjacob1.blogspot.com/
    happy weekend

  2. These are absolutely beautiful! I am definitely looking ahead to spring. I cannot wait for the sunshine and pastels!

  3. I always wanted to visit all three. Never even been to Europe though

  4. unfortunately I can't share any tips with you but I can say those illustrations are so beautiful and would be perfect as blog backgrounds for example. and those trips that are ahead of you sound great! I wish I had such trips waiting for me too.

    Part of me

    1. Yeah, that's right :) Thanks for your kinds words concerning my trips!