All steel kitchen pot

Helsinki, 5 degrees

There are times when wisdom cannot be found in the chambers of parliament or the halls of academia but at the unpretentious setting of the kitchen table.

As autumn is coming to its end (we had our first snow last Thursday but it lasted only for one day), there is nothing better to fill one's menu with than soups. I was lucky enough to receive a lovely surprise from Royal Design to kick-start this winter season. Royal Design is one of the biggest online shops that focuses on design and interior items with its 20 000 different products. It was founded back in 1999 and concentrates on selling design items to a reasonable price. I could choose the design item I wanted from Royal Design and I chose the classic and dreamy All Steel 4l kitchen pot by Finnish Hackman! Hackman, which was founded in 1790, is one of the most appreciated brands in the design of cookware and cutlery, in the Nordic countries. The inspiration for the products stems from love for cooking and their starting point is always usability, durability and design. I think every home needs a pot like this! Finally I can cook pasta and soups in big quantities! You might remember the Iittala candleholders from this earlier blog post that I also got from Royal Design. I also love the string lights I've bought at Granit. Now we are set for winter!

Syksy alkaa tulla päätökseen kun ensilumi tuli jo torstaina. Se tosin suli heti samana päivänä. Kuitenkin mielestäni on mainio aika siirtyä syömään talviherkkuani - keitot! Royal Design yllätti minut talvilahjalla. Royal Design on yksi suurimmista ja monipuolisimmista designtuotteisiin ja sisutustarvikkeisiin keskittyneistä verkkomyymälöistä. RoyalDesignin sivuilta löytyy yli 20 000 kaunista ja käytännöllistä designtuotetta niin kotiin kuin konttoriin. Yritys perustettiin vuonna 1999 ja liikeidea on myydä designtuotteita edulliseen hintaan! Sain itse valita haluamani tuotteen Royal Designin valikoimasta ja valitsin klassikon - kotimaisen Hackmanin All Steel 4l 5-kerrospohjakattilan, joka on Pentagon Designin suunnittelema. Mielestäni jokainen koti tarvitsee hyvän kattilan! Vihdoin voin tehdä isoja määriä keittoa kerralla ja valmistaa pastaa oikeankokoisessa kattilassa! Ehkä muistatte myös Iittalan kynttiläjalat, jotka sain myös Royal Designilta? Löydätte kirjoituksen niistä täältä. Granitin valosarjan kanssa kotimme alkaa olemaan valmis talvea varten. 

What kind of kitchen equipment (pots and pans) do you like? How do you shop interior items? Do you eat the same things in summer/winter?

Millaisista keittiötarvikkeista te tykkäätte? Mistä ostatte sisustustuotteita? Muuttuuko teilläkin ruokavalio talven tullen?

What's your opinion?

  1. I always like a pan that can last for years without getting awful looking.

  2. That looks like the perfect soup pot - it's big and sturdy but also looks pretty when you have it on the table for guests. I don't do much cooking myself, but my husband prefers copper pots from Mauviel. Unfortunately they are quite pricey so we are acquiring our collection slowly but I think it's worthwhile to wait for things you really want, anyway :)

  3. oh, what a cool post, Elisabeth! I always love your home related stories and bits and pieces from the corners of your apartment :) we don't own any Hackman pots but my mom totally does. our pots are actually pretty random but they have served us very well. by the way, seeing that delicious soup made me hungry. I love soups and just today I had the yummiest pumpkin & carrot potage made by my brother and his girl. potages are something I discovered just recently, last month I think. earlier I kind of despised them. really stupid of me.

    Part of me

  4. OMG! I looove it so much:)