Friday, January 31, 2014

And I know, you're a part of me.

London, 6 degrees

Sometimes I just get so positively amazed by the people I meet! Today I just felt that I had to write a blog post and give a big shout out to all the people I've met over the last two and a half weeks In Helsinki and London actually, thank you so much! You have enriched my life so much!

Joskus tulen niin positiivisesti yllätetyksi ihmisistä joita tapaan! Tänään minulle tuli vahva tunne siitä, että minun on pakko omistaa blogikirjoitus niille huikeille ihmisille, joita olen viimeisten kolmen viikkojen ajan tavannut Helsingissä ja Lontoossa! Suurkiitos teille, olette todellakin rikastuttaneet elämääni!

Sometimes you can meet such wonderful people during a period of merely a couple of weeks, it's mind-blowing! What personalities, what stories, what kindness. You leave me humble. Thank you!

On hassua, miten lyhyessä ajassa voi tavata niin mahtavia persoonia! Oi, mitä tarinoita. Jään nöyräksi ystävällisyytenne edessä.

It's funny how you can know people for years but then you meet people during a short amount of time and you learn more about them than many of the people that are in your everyday life. I hope you know that I carry you, your stories and energy with me from now on wherever I go!

Miten voi olla, että joskus tuntee ihmisiä vuosikausia ja sitten kuitenkin kun tapaa uusia ihmisiä lyhyen ajanjakson aikana tuntuu siltä, että tietää näistä ihmisistä enemmän kuin muista? Toivon, että tiedätte että kannan teidät, ja tarinanne sekä energianne mukanani tästä lähtien kanssani, minne ikinä kuljenkaan.

I'll drop more lines once I'm back home in Finland but today I'm merely able to say thank you.

Kirjoitan enemmän Lontoo -matkastani kun palaan Suomeen, mutta tänään halusin vain esittää kiitokseni.

How often do you meet people that touch your soul?

Miten usein te tapaatte ihmisiä, jotka koskettavat sieluanne?


  1. Aww, I am so glad that you have met some truly amazing people! :)

  2. Sounds like you had a great trip~ Its so true, I love meeting new people.

    1. Yeah I did, thank you for your comment!


  3. Travelling truly can have a wonderful impact on our lives and in particular on connections we make - I find that being away from home is a kind of heightened time when connections to new people are stronger than they would be otherwise. It's an amazing and wonderful experience, I'm so glad you're getting to enjoy it.

  4. here they don't cross my path often enough

  5. oh, not very often, unfortunately. my job doesn't include much travelling (sometimes inside Estonia but not anywhere else). so I don't actually get to meet very many new people. but through blogging I've met several wonderful ladies and I would be more than happy to meet them all in real life as well :)

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