Helsinki Halloween Horror Walk

Helsinki, 10 degrees

When a relationship dies do we ever really give up the ghost or are we forever haunted by the spirits of relationships past.

Since Halloween and All Saints' Day is upon us, I thought it would be a fun idea to dedicate a blog post to exceeding oneself and facing one's fears. I'm definitely facing one of my fears today as I'm joining in on a Helsinki Halloween Horror Walk, filled with ghost and crime stories. Can't wait! I've always been fascinating with ghosts and spirits since there are people in my family who have felt the presence of spirits. I remember growing up and visiting my grandmother's place that has tons of ghost stories about it. I used to find the mirrors there especially frightening because I was afraid of seeing somebody behind me in the them.

Koska eletään Halloweenin ja Pyhäinpäivän aikaa, ajattelin että tähän sopisi blogikirjoitus, joka liittyisi omien pelkojen voittamiseen. Kohtaan tänään yhden peloistani kun liityn Helsinki Halloween Horror Walk -kävelykierrokseen, joka tulee olemaan täynnä kummitustarinoita ja murhamysteerejä. En malta odottaa! Minua ovat aina viehättäneet niin kummitukset kuin hengetkin koska suvustani löytyy ihmisiä, jotka ovat niitä elämässään kohdanneet. Muistan pienenä mummolassa kun pelkäsin paikan peilejä koska pelkäsin näkeväni haamuja takanani. Mummolasta nimittäin kummitustarinoita riittää. 


Have you experienced something similar? Have you ever tried facing your fears? Happy Halloween!

Oletko joskus kokenut jotain samankaltaista? Oletko yrittänyt kohdata pelkosi? Hyvää Pyhäinpäivää ja Halloweenia!

What's your opinion?

  1. Hello Elisabeth!
    Oh I know what you mean,I always try to face my problems and fears and to handle them I write them down on a paper and think about a solution, I think it's the best method.


  2. i feel the same :)

  3. Amazing post, dear!

  4. the Halloween walk sounds like the coolest and most fun event, please let us know how it goes. I am not afraid of scary movies, but instead other things. I hope that I can find the courage to face my fears the way you did.Have a fabulous weekend sweety!

    1. Haha it was great fun! I'll fill you in on how it went later on :) Thanks for the feedback Sam, I love knowing what you readers would like to hear more about.


  5. Ahh this sounds like so much fun (and yet I'd be terrified to do anything like that!) I personally just hate being scared, but I do admire you facing your fears, very brave! :)