Fashion trends 2013

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My advice to young film-makers is this: Don't follow trends, Start them!

Even though the beginning of a new year doesn't introduce immediate changes to fashion, obviously there has already been speculations about fashion trends for 2013 spreading on the web. I think it's fun to check them out so that when one stumbles upon something that resembles one of them - one knows the source of the trend.

Geometrical patterns

According to Finnish Lily we can expect geometrical patterns in 2013. This thanks to Louis Vuitton's spring 2013 and Marc Jacob's spring 2013 collections.

Gladiator sandals

The gladiator sandals will also strike back, more fierce than ever, if one should believe Versace, Marios Schwab and Acne!

Emerald color

I've already mentioned emerald as The Trend Color 2013, you can read about it in my earlier blog post here. I thought I would share these photos of two well known men wearing the trendy color already last year. How will you wear it?


The Great Gatsby

The movie, which will have its premiere in Finland as late as in May 2013, according to the latest news, has been something I've been looking forward to for some time now. Read about my blog post from August 2012 here for further details about the movie. I really can't wait for this movie to hit the movie theaters!


The Carrie Diaries

For all us SATC lovers, there is something to look forward to this year as the Carrie Diaries premiere in the States in January 2013. Will it affect fashion as much as its mother show? That's up for the future to show us. I wrote about the series already in March 2012, see the blog post here, but at that point I thought it would be a movie and not a TV show. I've also started to read the book with the same title.


On the other hand, blogger Petitgraphie presented some other predicted trends for 2013: menswear, black and white prints, green nail laquer, naked lips with high impact eyes, t-strap heels and boyfriend jeans.


Which trends are you most excitedly waiting for? Happy Friday!

What's your opinion?

  1. I didn't know about the Gatsby movie

  2. well, to be completely honest I usually have no idea what current or future trends are. I only know about the ones I see in blogs and in some stores. and I buy whatever I like, even if it's not trendy or "in". though I admit it was interesting to read about those fresh trends because for example I have several pairs of gladiators waiting for summer. and I love stripes.
    btw, today I got the beautiful bracelet you sent me and it really is absolutely gorgeous. I will definitely post about it as soon as I can.
    thank you again!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. I can't wait to see your gladiators! And stripes! And of course the bracelet I sent you!


  3. Hi dear, how have you been? Thanks for highlighting some of the upcoming trends, reading this post, I am quite excited for the fashion future of 2013