9 makeup and hairstyles that every woman should try

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Energy and persistence alter all things. 

I don't know how much I've talked about here on my blog, but I strive to have a very high work moral. I hardly ever get so sick that I have to stay at home from work. Now, I know, by saying this, I jinx the whole thing and I'll start to get sick more often. Well, living in hope of not doing that, I was on sick leave yesterday. It's always funny how you somehow feel stronger than before once you get back to work after being sick. I at least am one of those persons who feel re-energized after having survived a flu.

In the beginning of this week, I came across this fun article on The Voice about nine makeup and hairstyles that every woman should try. I thought it would be nice to share this article with you readers, I hope you like the idea and let's see if you share the opinion of the author of that article.

According to the article there are countless of beauty products out in the world, and the makeup and hair trends change often. However, these nine styles are timeless and stay fashionable from year to year. So let's kick off this list.

1) Bold lashes, here seen on Katy Perry.
2) The turban, here seen on Eva Mendes.
3) Bright lipstick, here seen on Rita Ora.
4) Cat eyes, here seen on Cheryl Cole.

5) Ombre hair coloring, here seen on Lea Michele.
6) Colorful eyeshadow, here seen on Nicole Ritchie.

7) Dark lipstick, here seen on Rihanna.
8) Fluffy & curly hair, here seen on Jennifer Lopez.

9) Pink highlights, here seen on Ashley Tisdale and Rachel McAdams.

Do you agree that these styles are timeless? How many of these styles have you personally tried?

What's your opinion?

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  2. I don't think all of those styles are timeless but I have tried pink highlights, fluffy and curly hair (it's my regular thing) and of course bright lipstick. for example I don't think dark lipstick is timeless and those lashes either.. oh and some ladies wear blue eyeshadow flawlessly but poor Nicole looks quite scary with that make up. she's such a young woman but that make up makes her look like an at least 60 years old woman.. it's scary what make up can do.

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    1. When did you try pink highlights? I've missed it!


  3. love all this, Rachel McAdams
    picture is my favorite I love her :)

  4. Great post! My favorites are the bold lashes, bright lips and ombre hair. I have tried all of these except ombre hair, and pink highlights. Lots of my friends have tried them though and it looks great!

    1. Thank you Francesca! I would have liked to see you in bold lashes!


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