Recap of 2012

Helsinki, 0 degrees


Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.

As predicted, Helsinki will be celebrating the New Year with close to zero degrees. Lately, the streets have become very slippery as the snow is melting making the streets quite icy. I've been calling myself Bambi on ice because if you would be seeing me right now on the Helsinkian streets, you'll immediately notice that the saying is quite apt. I thought it might be nice to continue last year's tradition and recap my year with some highlights as new readers might learn something new about me, and for me, it's given me the chance to get some closure to the year.

So here it goes, a recap of what has happened to me during the year 2012:


In January, I told you about last New Year's Eve that I spent in a pink dress, eating a lobster based menu with my boy. This New Year's Eve will be similar, the only difference being that we'll celebrate it in our own home!!! We are also going to make the menu a little bit different, but we both enjoyed the lobsters so much last NYE that we are definitely including them also this year to our celebration. Read all about the NYE 2011-2012 here.

January also meant enjoying Helsinki's wintry weather, and you can enjoy the stunning scenery close to our former apartment in this blog post! I even made some videos about the snowfall which you can see here! I also repainted my shoe shelf that now decorates our entrance hall in our new home. You can read about the painting project in my blog post here.

Thanks to my work, I also attended the annual Travel Fair which I'll do again in January 2013. Read about my fair experiences in 2012 here. One of my personal favorite posts during this year has been this one showcasing just why I love my hometown so much!

The new color that I tried in January 2012 was orange, a color I had been scared of for a long time. Check out my bold orange outfits here and here.

For my boy's birthday, we went to Naantali Spa for a relaxing but frosty spa weekend, read all about here.


In February I started with some new work tasks that came to change my work description for the whole year. You can see my work place's Valentine Day greeting here! Do you find me in the video?

In February, we celebrated my sis' engagement party, and next February she will get married! How exciting is that?

My color of the month was pink and you can see my pink outfit here.

I also went to cocktail heaven - A21 - during the restaurant's blogger evening that you can read about here. I also happened to see an army of snowmen outside our parliament house, how cool is that? Check out this unique picture here of about 20 snowmen outside this state-building. Finally, I had the pleasure to see the Kamppi Chapel of Silence before it opened in May. The wooden chapel is nowadays one of Helsinki's most popular attractions. You can see my pre-opening photos here.


March was the beginning of spring, which I showcased in my blog post with spring flowers that you can see here. I also shared old vintage photos of Helsinki, which you can admire here.

In March, I had my birthday and turned 26! Read all about my birthday party in my blog post here. I truly love the dress I wore to my party, it a genuine gem! I received a new pair of eyeglasses from my boy for my birthday, check them out here!

In March, I was also inspired by mermaids and the sea and made a whole blog post with that theme, read the whole post here! Thanks to my workplace, I had the chance to meet Swedish millionaire wife Maria Montazami and hand over a Helsinki goodie bag to her, see the meeting here!


April stood for one of the year's biggest celebrations - Easter! Read about Finnish Easter traditions here, here and here!

In April I had the possibility to visit the Pavillion, the main scene for events this year in Helsinki! It officially opened only in May, so this was also a sneak peek! Have a look here!

I was also widely inspired by scarves this month, this is how my scarf inspired outfit looked like! Other sources of fashion inspirations were golden clothing, white shirts and peach clothing!

April was also the month when me and my boy celebrated our second anniversary, read all about the special day here!


The first of May is definitely one of Finland's biggest celebrations, see here how I celebrated it this year!

In May, I finally got to present the brochure I had been working with at my workplace, oh how proud I was! Here is my "baby", if you haven't seen it already! I also got to go on a one-day-work trip to Stockholm, yey! Read all about it here!

I also got to visit the cool Futuro house in Espoo, have a look here!

Crazy enough, I won a pair of Finnish designer Minna Parikka's shoes in a Facebook competition! Look at these beauties, that now decorate the shelf in our entrance hall!

In May, I was inspired fashion wise by stripes, mint color, floral pants and lavender.


In June, me and my boy went on our well deserved summer holiday to Copenhagen, and what an amazing city it was! Follow me on the trip here, here, here and here!

I also got to try golf for the first time in my life, have a look here! And I got a new camera, have you seen it yet?

Fashion wise I was inspired by dots, snake print and the combination of pink and orange!

I got to visit two cities in Finland during my summer holiday: Parainen where our summer cottage is, read about it here, and Tammisaari (Ekenäs), read about it here.

The end of June was of course focused on one of Finland's biggest celebrations - Midsummer that is. You can read all about it in this blog post.


In July, I got to visit two islands, did you read about those? You'll find all the details in the blog posts here and here.I also got to visit Hvitträsk, a beautiful sight about 30 minutes outside of Helsinki! Read all about it here.

My family celebrated my mother's birthday in the traditional way - over crayfish! Have a look at the nostalgic but ever so amazing photos here!

Fashion wise I finally found a little black dress that I had been looking for, see it here. I was also taken away by green and turquoise colored clothing, see my green outfit in this blog post and turquoise outfit here.


In August we were enjoying long days of light in Helsinki, and I visited the close by beach which you can see in this blog post.

I was also widely excited about the fact that I got to try a lunch in the sky - at a height of 40 meters! Have a look here! Another work related experience was that I got to try wife carrying! Yes, you read correctly. Read what it is all about, and how crazy Norwegians got me to join in here! I will remember this experience for life!

During this month, I was fascinated by lime color. Read all about it here. And see my summer dress with a lime color pattern here. I also found another little black dress that I love, check it out here! One of my favorite looks this year has been this cowboy look!


In September the biggest event of the year took place - on the 19th of September me and my boyfriend bought our new home! Read all about the happy occasion here!

Thanks to my work, I got to go to Tytyri Limestone Mine! This was also an experience I'll cherish for all my life! Read all about the underground experience here.

Fashion wise I was inspired by golden colored clothing, have a look here! I also tried floral dresses, see one of them here. In addition, red colored clothing carried me away, you'll see my red outfits here.


In October we moved into our apartment!

Thanks to my work, I got to plan and realize a blogger trip to Helsinki, how exciting, read all about here! In addition, I got to go to the newly opened Hard Rock Café Helsinki, see the whole story here!

Fashion wise I was affected by red, tweed, Missoni, dots, My Little Pony, autumn flowers and parkas.


In November I presented the first interior design related posts concerning our new home, e.g. like this and this one.

Thanks to my work, I had the pleasure of visiting Espoo and Santa's Cottage, read all about it here.

Fashion wise I got hit by the baroque trend and bought this stunning dress! I also presented outfits with blue color and pattern pants.

To your delight, my dear readers, I also introduced the first competitions ever to my blog!


In December all my blog posts were Christmas related as I revealed small stories about Finnish Christmas traditions with each blog post.

In mid December I had the pleasure of going on a work related trip to Russia, read all about it here if you missed it.

Fashion wise I naturally presented some red colored outfits, see them here. However, I also showed some emerald and comfortable sweater outfits. I also started to combine interior design related posts with fashion posts, here are two examples: one showcasing a mustard color dress and our living room photo wall, and another showing some fashion eyeglasses and our bedroom mirror.

In December I also started to label my photos as you can see in the upper left corner of the photo her underneath.

To conclude one can say that this year has meant much work, but a lot of fun times as well! Thank you to everybody who has made this year so special - thank you readers, dear friends and of course my love! The highlight of the year was our new home!

But I know that 2013 has a lot of exciting events waiting for me, so I can't wait!

How many blog posts have you read over the year?


Happy New Year! Celebrate the New Year with near and dear ones and be safe! Here's my favorite song of the year, add it to your party playlist! We'll catch up next year!

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  1. wishes for a 2013 full of personal achievements, much happiness, health, love, light, great inspirations and much success for the blog!

    a big kiss

  2. Happy new year Elisabeth! I hope you have a wonderful year! What a great review, blogging is like a virtual diary! :)

  3. Happy New Year! I love how you went over your year! I can't wait to see what you have for 2013!

    A's Fashion Files
    Shop Kawaii Kitsch by A on Etsy!

  4. Hi Elisabeth! Wishing you a very Happy 2013! May it bring you everything you hope for...and more. It was a pleasure getting to know you this past year!

    1. Thank you Sam! I agree, it's been such a pleasure to get to know you!


  5. I already gave you my wishes but got to read that post today. doesn't matter, I enjoyed it a lot anyway! especially because I haven't been reading your blog from the very beginning. I wanted to say that you two have changed a lot! gosh, I didn't even recognize you from the smaller photos and thought: who are those? :P that's why I love seeing old photos as well. you can see how a person has developed through the years.
    great post, Elisabeth! keep up the good work in 2013!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. Haha yeah I guess we have changed a lot! One doesn't really notice it when time passes so fast. My look has definately changed a lot since my hair color has changed so dramatically!
      Thank you for your kind words!