“One is wise to cultivate the tree that bears fruit in our soul”

Helsinki, -5 degrees

Flipping through this month's Trendi magazine, I couldn't help but noticing the spring trend spreads! This spring is all about fruit slot game colors - straight from a fruit slot game like this Cherry bar! What color is your favorite?


The first page that made me stop flipping was this showing off spring accessories. What do you think about these colorful accessories? My favorites are the colorful clutch bags! 

Going through this spring's trends like the 50's, fruit colors, sport clothing, bra size tops, Africa inspired clothing, metallic colors, retro prints and pastel colors, my attention gets caught by colors, both strong fruit colors and pastel colors. Which trends have catched your attention concerning the coming spring trends?

On of my favorite pages in Trendi this month is the page explaining from where the stylists have taken their inspiration for the trend spreads. Here one can see practical catwalk examples of the same trends! On this page I think the strong fruit colors on the top row in the middle, and the pastel colors on the bottom right corner look even better! It's fun to see how catwalk looks get transformed when they hit fashion / women magazines and then a third time when they hit the street fashion where everyone is one own's stylist.

A wonderful surprise in this month's Trendi magazine was the page about how to stylishly dress a person of small size. The average length in Finland is about 170cm for women, and since my height is merely 160cm, people think of me as short. Therefore I loved these hints!

Apparently the most important thing is to find clothes of the right size, short people should not wear too big clothes! Mini and maxi skirts are also flattering since they lengthen one's legs. Black tights can also be combined to black shoes to make the legs seem longer. If a short woman wants to wear a loose fit shirt, she should keep in mind the mnemonic: loose top, slim bottom and vise versa. 

I hope these hints came to use also to you!

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What's your opinion?

  1. Tiedän niin hyvin miltä tuntuu etsiä tyylikkäitä kokonaisuuksia kun kaikki vaatteet tehdään pidemmille... :D Vajaat 160cm pituutta täälläkin suunnalla, ja voin sanoa etten muista milloin viimeksi olisi löytynyt esim. housut jotka on sopivan mittaiset :D

    1. Haha kiva kuulla että muillakin sama ongelma! Toivottavasti vinkeistä oli siis hyötyä :)