Lets put a smile on that face!

Helsinki, -6 degrees

I've been playing around with my blog today, and you can see the result here. What do you think about my new header and fonts? I really appreciate all your comments, so feel free to give me some feedback!

Yesterday I was in for a treat: I went to see an icehockey game with my boyfriend. He is a true icehockey fan so he goes quite frequently to games, and he has bought us all the sport  TV channels showing icehockey, but also soccer and golf - the sports he follows. In Finland icehockey is very popular, even though baseball is our national game, one could say that icehockey is the most followed sport in Finland.

Me on the other hand, I go quite seldom since I don't have a favorite team but yesterday I really felt like going with him. My boyfriend supports an Helsinkian team called Jokerit (in English: the jokers). They played at the Hartwall Arena, the largest concert arena in Helsinki. Do you follow some sport?

Yesterday was also our traditional day for penkkarit, the so called benchpressing fest, which is a yearly tradition among Finnish upper secondary school students. The event is celebrated in the spring of their final, usually third, year as the final day of school, before the start of the exams. Basically, what it is all about, is the students celebrating the fact that they don't have school anymore, so they get on top of trucks, ride around the city dressed funny and throw candy at the spectators. This is a really happy and fun event! This year was the first time I managed to get out to see the students pass by my work place! Don't they look funny?

What's your opinion?

  1. That sounds like a really fun thing to do with your boyfriend! You looked beautiful as always! You have such pretty eyes!

  2. Jokerit vastaan KalPa? :D Itsehän kannatan KalPaa (entinen kuopiolainen...) :D

    1. Jeps KalPahan se siinä :) Vaikka tällä kertaa Jokerit vei voiton..