Growing pain & polka dots

Helsinki, -7 degrees

I just got back from my sis' engagement lunch. I'm so happy for her, it feels like she's truly found peace and happiness in her life. My sister's soul has never been as restless as mine, but still I feel that only now she has a calmness to her that I've never seen before. I guess that's what love does to you, it nurishes your soul.

I've noticed that I'm going through some kind of detachment process from my former work tasks. It's been challenging for me to switch from my wellknown customer service surroundings to a purely office like ambience. I see the benefits of the new tasks and I can understand how they can help me grow, both as a person and worker. They surely increase my knowledge of the tourism field as a whole, but nevertheless I've felt some growing pain. Even though I don't consider myself an old person, I've been considered an old soul in a youthful body. Living in uncertainty is definately taking its toll on me. But like I said, this is all merely growing pain. How do you cope with changes in your life? Any hints?

What's your opinion?

  1. Mulla käsin näpertäminen - niin kuin keittokirjaprojekti - auttaa muutoksiin tottumisessa. Kaikki käsityöt auttavat mua rauhoittumaan ja keskittymään :) xoxo

    Ps. Kiitos kommentista!

  2. You look lovely. And aw, love does amazing things.



  3. I'm not good at change unless it's something I instigate myself something I'll definitely have to work on. Congratulations to your sister!:)