Helsinki, -3 degrees

Yey, Natalie Portman won the Oscar! For once, my favorite was also the Academy's favorite. You can read my previous blog post about the Oscars here.

Even though I hoped for Natalie to go home with an Oscar, I must say that on the red carpet there was another dress that caught my eye.Mila Kunis is Elie Saab's lavender dress was just stunning! I love lace and folds!I would maybe have preferred it in this summer color - coral that is, but lavender suited Mila very well.


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What's your opinion?

  1. i also liked that dress. how ironic that mila and natalie competed each other in black swan too. :)

  2. That dress also caught my eye, it's gorgeous! I really like your blog, I'm a follower from Italy! Ciao :)

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, welcome as a new reader!