BDP part 2

Helsinki, -3 degrees

Sunny serene Saturday in Helsinki. Time to continue my recap of my birthday.
Have you guessed my pamper treats number three and four? Here we go.

Since my regular hairdresser at A.k.a Luova was busy until the end of March, I decided to try a new hairdresser for my 25th birthday. Making this kind of a decision just days before your birthday might turn out a disaster, so I was slightly worried about my judgement. I decided to try the new hairdresser at beauty parlor Dahlia, just in the heart of Helsinki, on Aleksanterinkatu, the busiest shopping street we have. I had been there once before, but at that time it belonged to another hairdresser chain. Now as Dahlia, the interior and personnel had somewhat changed. Anyway, I was ready for the exciting experience.

Once I told my hairdresser that I wanted to get rid of my dark haircolor and try getting blonder towards the summer, I was happy to notice that she took it as a challenge, not at all as a conundrum. I ended up spending five and a half hours in the parlor. Two cups of coffee and biscuits later, I found myself free of my dark haircolor. I have no less than four different haircolors now! The wonderful hairdresser showed true signs of innovative thinking when she colored my hair darker underneath, and lighter on top using three different kinds of highlights. The outcome: a new me ready for spring, and a start for the hair I want for this summer!

I thought I would go even blonder for this summer! Once you start to go blond, you can not get stuck. You have to be bold and try new things, and this is definately something new for me!

The fourth and lets say last surprise for myself concerning my birthday, was going to the launch of Marimerkko's Converse shoes! The launch just happened to be the day before my birthday, and only a couple of blocks from my work place! At the newly opened Marikulma, the Mari corner in Finnish, it was crowded but I managed to get in just in time for the launch. The shop assistants had put a Marimekko sheet on the shoe boxes and at precisely five o'clock, she shoes were revealed! There was mostly women in the shop, but some men as well, and everybody basically jumped over the shoes, in order to get just the pair they wanted!

I actually decided on what pair to buy only in the queue! How's that for all of you saying that I can not be spontaneous, hehe? I decided on a pair of Pikkusuomu, small scales (like on fish), in Finnish. They're black and white, with pink on the inside. They have two laces, black and pink ones. Even though they were quite expensive, 105€, I decided that these were pieces of design, and for once I wanted to have a pair of my own. Now I can not wait to use them on the Helsinkian streets! What do you think?

Back to my birthday..I must say a big thank you to all my friends who joined the party! I had a wonderful time. My last birthday parties have all had one thing in common: mixed acquaintance circles. I know people from my childhood, adulthood, through work and my sister. People that have Swedish, Finnish, English and even other languages as mother tongue. That's why I am always nervous about how they are going to turn out, if everybody will start talking to each other and so on. This year I tried to uplift the atmosphere by having a little game during the party.

Source: The perpetual party planner

Everybody had to write down on a little piece of paper a detail about themselves that nobody in the room knew about. The detail was not allowed to be visible to others like haircolor, showing piercings or tattoos and so on. Then at a certain point, the notes were mixed and handed out and everybody had to find the person that had written the note one got. One was allowed to make five questions, without using the words on the note, to figure out if one had found the right person. The game turned out to be a success and I believe that everyone enjoyed it. It really forced in a positive sense everybody to talk to all the people at the party. Have you ever played similar games at a party?

What's your opinion?