Helsinki, - 22

For some years now, since I first moved to Italy, I've had a Diesel addiction. I just love, love Diesel jeans! When it comes to jeans, Diesel is just the best and leads the market. Others follow years after Diesel.

One of my favorites is this pair!


What I love about Diesel the most, is its ability to dare. I especially like that the jeans don't look the same as they did years ago - but they're evolving just like us users. Girls don't have to wear skinny jeans anymore - I really like boyfriend models like this one.


The wilder the pattern or wash, the better for me. For summer 2011, I need to get my hands on some Diesel shorts like these. Denim-wise, does it get better than this?


I hardly ever buy Diesel jeans from their store, they are so widely expensive there. I try to find second hand goodies from different places, e.g. Finland's version of Ebay, Huuto.

Just today, the Diesel store in Helsinki informed me that they have launched the shoes that combine Adidas and Diesel. What do you think?

Can the street wise Diesel combine its urban knowledge to Adidas sports wear?

I must say, I got more excited when I heard about Finnish Marimekko teaming up with Converse All Stars. Can't wait to see those shoes in stores! Finally, Finnish Marimekko will be on the streets worldwide!

Can you honestly say that you can resist these shoes?

What's your opinion?

  1. The Converse/Marimekko shoes are out week 9, so really soon!

  2. I like the Adidas/Diesel shoes... :)

  3. Yeah they're nicer than regular Adidas shoes :)