A thank you shout out

Helsinki, -16 degrees.

The saying goes; new year, new pranks. Well, I have decided to start my year in February and renew my blog layout. What do you think?

This might have something to do with the fact that a week ago or so I attended my first personal schooling event through my working place. Since I've got my current position, I am allowed to make suggestions also concerning schooling events and courses. I was looking through the range of courses the municipal of Helsinki is offering and found one that catched my interest. The course was about producing texts adapted for Internet use and taking full advantage of the social media. Since I've now been writing for three months or so for my work place's blog as well, I felt schooling was needed in this subject. The course was great, I learned many things about how to make titles, be userfriendlier when it comes to backgrounds and pictures and many more small etiquette rules concerning Internet. I hope my blog is now easier to read with a blank background instead of the black one I had before. Hints and tips are always welcome!

I was proud during the schooling to be a part of a working environment that actually provide courses in Internet use. After all, nowadays in Finland and I would assume more or less all over the world; if you're not on the Internet, you don't exist.

During the course, I started thinking about why I write a blog. I guess it started as something meant for my friends back home, a tool to let them know how I am while I was travelling in Italy. But now, since I find myself at home, in Helsinki, that reason doesn't really exist anymore. Instead, I've given a new angle to the blog. I have lots of friends all over the world, and I want my blog to be a tool for me to keep in contact with them. Besides that, anybody can read my blogs, also friends here that I haven't had the chance to see that much lately. In the end, I would say that my blog is for everyone who wants to know how I'm doing and cares about me. So thank you to all my readers! Lets make this the best blog year ever!

What's your opinion?

  1. well, i am already registered :)
    so, nice blog layout!!

  2. Thanks, great, now you comment more often :P