Spring, tattoo & Oscar hopes

Helsinki, -5 degrees

Today it finally felt like spring might actually be coming. Finally we're talking about minus degrees in one digit numbers, yey! Customers at work seem happier too since once again they can explore the city and its beautiful nature. So far the winter holidays that we are spending in Finland right now have not brought that much more visitors. I guess the rest of the world is not yet familiar to our holidays.

Thanks to the cold weather we've had, we have also received a number of odd questions. It's a wellknown fact that Helsinki's visitors mix Helsinki with other parts of Finland. They look for Northern lights, husky rides and some days ago for skijoring with horses. Anybody tried that?


It seemed interesting, but unfortunately as bizarre for me as for anybody living in a warmer climate. Funny enough, I found this picture on a website saying that that's something done in Scandinavia. Wonder why I haven't heard about it then? In the picture I see American flags, haha. Well go figure.

I guess Helsinki has a lot to do in order to stand out among all the Finnish general stereotypes. Maybe in the nearby future, our visitors will understand that we have an urban reality here in Helsinki.

Lately, I have been planning a new tattoo. I've even heard rumors about me maybe getting one as a birthday present, yey. So I guess I have to start planning one, exciting.

Another exciting fact is that the Oscars are coming up on Sunday. I've always loved this dress party as I call it. I'm cheering for my recent fav' girl: Natalie Portman. Lately, she's done some fantastic roles, even though I've always loved her work. I especially like Closer, V for Vendetta, Brothers, My blueberry nights and of course Leon. I haven't seen the Black Swan movie yet, since it's only out in cinemas on the 4th of March here in Helsinki, but I've heard such good things about it that I hope Natalie goes home with an Oscar for her role as Nina Sayers. I actually saw an interview with Natalie today, where she was talking about her role in Black Swan and she made an impression on me also then. Isn't she stunning as well?


I even found some pictures of her wearing H&M. Twice! How amazing is that for a Hollywood star?!?

Here in November 2010:


..and here with her tummy showing in February 2011:


Whatever she will wear for the Academy Awards, I know she'll be stunning. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Last by not least, I want to thank my readers again. Lately I've received so much positive feedback about my blog that it has really warmed the cockles of my heart.

What's your opinion?

  1. I just heard that there is a place that does this in Espoo, our neighboring city! The stable is called Eqvus, http://nxr.starcon.fi/stalleqvus.html. Thank God for Facebook and friends of course!

  2. I saw 'Black Swan' an Natalie Portman was great for this role. Although the movie was kind of psycho (too exaggerated in some scenes if you ask me), she was really fantastic.

    So have fun watching it! I also hope she's getting an oscar tonite!

  3. Okey well I'll tell you what I thought about it once I've seen it. I want to see what everybody is talking about :)

  4. I have the H&M white dress that Natalie is wearing in the last pictures! Yey!