The amulet for 2011

Helsinki, +1 degrees

I need your I said, I made an amulet out of tin on New Year's Eve, but I need your help to understand what it stands for.

This year my amulet fell into many pieces, that I think have different meaning. So actually I didn't get just one, but two main ones.

Here comes the pictures. Here is the whole thing.

Now lets take it into smaller pieces, first picture, then the shadow of it (sometimes the shadow can tell more than the actual piece of tin)

In this one, I have mainly seen a boy on a rock..I don't know about least it looks like a child for me.

Then lets see the other one (first picture, then shadow):

In this one I've seen an elf, or a man with a hoody...also fire, and a dog..


What's your opinion?