Saturday, December 18, 2010

Emozioni disordinate

Mouth of Truth-Forum Romanum-Colosseum-Piazza di Venezia-Via del Corso-Fontana di Trevi-Piazza di Spagna-Via dei Condotti-Lungotevere Marzio-Piazza Navona-Vatican city-Termini-Market in Trastevere-Lungotevere dei Mellini-Piazza del Popolo-Villa Medici-Hard Rock Café.

Rome in a weekend. Emotions of happiness, being confused, chaos, warmth, running, laughing, being on the edge, exploring, being amazed, learning, living. Scents of coffee. Coke in narrow tall cans. Tastes of gelato, pizza (both thin & thick), chocolate. Finally getting to speak Italian. Seeing the sun. Walking on historical grounds. Not being in Italy for over a year. Taking photos in a photo machine at night time. Being tricked into taking a fake cab from the airport, but ending up being the smarter part and fooling the driver into take less money from you than you agreed upon.

Missing a flight, being stuck in the airport of Stockholm for hours waiting for your second flight. Notice that you’ve missed a terrorist act in Sweden while you’ve been away. Being forced to sit in the airplane and wait for the stairs leading us off the plane for more than 30 minutes and noticing that people are being more and more anxious. Noticing that your bag has arrived safe in Helsinki, but that it is missing one piece and that most of the things in the bag are broken. Coming home and watching the Gladiator as the first thing you do.

Certi amore regalano una emozione per sempre, momenti che restano cosi, impressi della mente.

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