Friday, December 3, 2010

Coming alive with ideas

Helsinki, -6 degrees

During the current week I’ve had a rough time at work thanks to educational reasons. I’ve undergone two passes of work related schooling and surprisingly enough it puts you mind into work. I’m very thankful for the schooling possibility, it just takes some time to digest and process the things you get out of the schooling occasions. I feel I learn to know my working place better each day. How exciting! Especially now when I’m a part of my team and can contribute in the creation of a working place culture. That was one of the topics in the schooling sessions this week. Work place culture. Annual development discussions. Co-operations between tourism actors. I get to work on the first part already next week when we have a new reinforcement at my work- a new worker. I notice that I’m full of ideas and this week I have really felt that my ideas have got backup and the support it has needed. I’ve even got unexpected compliments from persons I would never have expected to appreciate my work efforts.

More responsibility and more things to think about have an effect on home life as well, obviously. Sometimes I feel that I am so focused on my work that it’s difficult to explain it to somebody else and assume that that person can understand. I have a big need to share things, but sometimes I lack the tools for doing so. I have decided to consider this a period of time when I need to focus on my work, but nevertheless I want to focus at least the same amount of personal matters as well.

Just this week, a global briefing covering international affairs, business, culture and design called Monocle released an issue on Finland. Headquartered in London with bureaus in Tokyo, Zürich and New York, Monocle appears 10 times a year in print. The issue was called “Monocle Finland survey” and talked about Finland where Monocle’s team of editors, correspondents and photographers uncover a young country with a long history, a big name on the international stage, and a reputation it is working out how to hold on to. The issue discusses Finland’s current situation and strengths: its design, crafts, soft power abroad (artists, media), the social position soon even closer to Russia thanks to the faster train connection to St. Petersburg, a food revolution where the Finnish kitchen is between rest of Scandinavia and Russia and our greatest export product- the sauna. Have a look here!

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