The travelling book

Helsinki, 5 degrees.

Some days ago at the Tourist Office of Helsinki I found something interesting while during my regular cleaning round check where I check that our brochures are in order and that our guests haven’t left something in the office. I stumbled upon a book, but not just any book- a travelling book. On the book there was a note saying “this book is free-I’m a very special book, I’m travelling around the world making new friends”. Apparently this book was a part of the official bookcrossing movement ( where books are read, left, and found by new owners all around the world. What a fun idea! The book had its own id number and I was just so curious that I had to check where the book had been in the world. It seemed this book came from an active Finn from the city Pori who had brought it to Helsinki. A personal thank you to this person for making our office nicer and introducing us to this movement.
I left the book in the office so now it has continued its travel in the world.

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