Quality of life

Helsinki, 1 degrees.

Today I found an interesting article about how to prolong your life written by professor Timo Strandberg. With making the right choices, the article claimed one could enhance one’s wellbeing. Some of the points or choices were easy to guess, I mean everywhere you read about a healthy life, it says stop smoking, avoid overweight, exercise, use if needed medicine for artery health, avoid calories and enjoy alcoholic beverages with reason.

Other points however that I liked even more said that one should eat heart friendly, delicious food. That sounded great in my ears because as you know, I am a food lover. The article meant that healthy food also needs to taste good. One should favor vegetables, root fruit, fruit and the right kind of fat. When one truly enjoys his/her meals, one feels better. It should be a complete delight; for all five senses.

Another interesting point was that one should look at life in an optimistic way. Humans are docile and that’s why it’s important to think about how one can be less cynic and hostile and allow a positive attitude into one’s life.

Besides this, one of my favorite points was that sleep is crucial. In senior high school I suffered from loss of sleep and I hated it. Going to bed was a pain since I knew I wouldn’t fall asleep. After my experiences in Italy, I’ve never had a problem with sleeping again. I just think that if one puts one’s brain and body up for an actual challenge during the day, there shouldn’t any problems with sleeping. It’s important to remember though, that one needs also a kind of inner peace to be able to sleep. I believe I’ve found that now.

The most interesting point of all in this article talked about social life and its importance. This is something today’s society tries to understand but I don’t think anybody has truly understood the depth of this phenomenon. The need also changes with time as societies evolve. The article pointed out that humans are social creatures and cannot survive without social relationships. When these relationships bring happiness and joy to your life, they also add something to the quality of your life and are good for your health.

How well do these points fit into your life?

What's your opinion?

  1. såå glad att du bloggar oftare elli! älskade även detta inlägg! du har helt rätt. jag är nästan aldrig sjuk och tror det beror mycket på precis de orsaker du nämnde. sömn är en sak jag får PÅ TOK för litet av. ska förbättra det.....

    ps. herregud vad det finns TRÅKIGA bloggar förresten. din är INTE en av den. fortsätt med det du gör! :)


  2. Tack :) Skall försöka mitt bästa! ;) Tack för att du läser!