Vital knowledge

Immediately after I entered mine and my boyfriend's apartment today after school, it started to rain. I think that means I was meant to come home before the rain, since I didn't even bring an umbrella to school with me today. What a nice sign of welcome.

Today at school we continued with the first aid course we started yesterday. In my opinion it's about time we touch the subject. First aid skills are needed in everyday life, but definately in our line of work. I must say that the last course I've chosen, the one of event planning, has been a wise choice. The course is divided into three parts; event planning & design, event security and bureaucracy and first aid. Through the part about security, we will receive a card which proves our skills concerning risks and security matters in the line of events. The first aid part on the other hand will give us a card showing our first aid skills. Today we got to try to do CPR on a doll. Seeing as I'm quite small of size, pushing on the victims chest turned out to be tirening. I was surprised though about how well I managed to blow air into the victims lungs. The best thing with this course is that I know I'll feel safer working knowing how to perform CPR. Therefore first aid courses are vital for the working life.

What's your opinion?