Under the falling chestnuts

Last weekend when I was walking to the closest tram stop and crossing the park outside my home, I noticed that chestnuts were falling down on the cars. It got me thinking about autumn. I took this as a sign that the autumn has finally arrived to Helsinki. I love autumn. It's a time for reflection. I love walking in the nearby areas in my neighborhood and just watch the nature changing. Ruska (the colored leaves) have not yet arrived all over Helsinki, you can only find them in some parts. We still have around 10 degrees, even more during the days, even close to 15-17 degrees.

I also love watching how the summer fashion turnes into the autumn one. I personally love balerinnas but I definately do not have anything against putting on some boots. Boots makes any kind of outfit look good. I also love trench coats and leather jackets. This autumn there have been even additional and new fashion trends shown here in Helsinki. Suddenly fake fur vests have been seen on the Helsinkian streets. I've even seen some fake fur hats, never seen before. Shiny leggings with tunikas are here to stay. But besides this, even hair trends can be seen. Plaits are back! This autumn I've seen so many girls with their front hair braided that I really can call it a trend. I like it as a trend, and started to use it occasinally. In my opinion it looks very Nordic, and therefore I like it.

What's your opinion?