Preplanning events

My last course in school is in event planning. The last assignment we had was quite nice; we were supposed to plan a marketing/promotional event for Aquafina, one of Pepsico's products, basically bottled tap water, still not sold in Finland. Basically it could be any kind of an event but we had of course to take into consideration our "so called" client Aquafina. My group's idea, since Aquafina stands for community work and eco friendliness as well as purity was an orienteering event in downtown Helsinki.

The idea was that through orienteering, the people would understand Aquafina's commitment to the community by not organizing a commercial event but by relating it to an activity already being carried out. We wanted the event to be sporty since we're talking about water. We wanted the event to move in different parts of the city in order to get visibility.
The assignment was a great way to brainstorm and think about everything that has to do with event planning. The down part with the whole project of course was that our teacher gave us the project so soon in the course when we had very little theory to base our planning on.

Actually she used our lack of knowledge as a way of teaching us after hand. Besserwisser-style teachers have never been my favorites, so I really think she made a bad choice. At least she could have given us some guidelines to follow. Anyways, I loved the assignment itself although we did in a too much of a hurry. Some of the other groups had really nice ideas too. I'm sure I'll get a lot out of this course, I know I did already in Italy during my exchange when we planned a fashion show. Later on we'll plan for real an event, and I cannot wait.

What's your opinion?