Interior changes

Autumn is a time for changes as I've been mentioning in my earlier posts. For me and my boyfriend this means making some adjustments to our apartment which has served before only as my home. We have bought some new furniture, but some things are still to come, e.g. our new sofa from Koti idea. Found a photo of it on the internet though, so I can give you an idea about how it will be. Ours will be chocolate brown, so a little bit different than the one in the picture but the model is the same. It's a sofa, but can be turned into a guest bed. It also has a helpful spare box on the right side where we can store blankets, pillows and so on.

Otherwise you can see on the picture here beneath that we have moved the chest of drawers from the entrance to the living room and added a scaffold for cds and dvds.

We have also made some additional changes to the livingroom. We bought a cabinet for different type of glasses. Note that the sofa in the picture is still the old one. We have to wait three or four weeks for the new one.

The major change happened in the entrance from where the chest was move and a new kind of stand was built. There are also finally some boxes for my beloved shoes. What do you think?

What's your opinion?