Sometimes it feels like I've forgot to tell about all the great customers we've had at the Helsinki City Tourist Office. One example of this was a lady that passed by the office on Sunday last weekend. Lately I've been working at the office only weekends since the rest of my weeks go to school and my other half time job at Academic Work. Anyways, I was saying that this sweet lady came by. She was wondering where an exihibition about mushrooms were taking place and it just so happened that the place where it was held was the exact same where I go for my Italian classes once a week. Yes, they started last week and I'm already excited about them :) I just love my teacher, he makes all the classes worth while going to! The lady got so thrilled over the fact that I knew where the place was, and of the fact that I study Italian, that she wanted to give me a tip about a book. She mentioned a book telling about a girl moving to Rome, Italy and becoming a companion to an old lady in order to enjoy the city. I think this book is a must for me as an Italian lover. Cincin by Valeria Ofter.

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