Last night sleeping at my hotel

Yesterday I decided to find myself a place for washing my clothes, so I asked my colleagues where to go in order to find the closest laundry place. They gave me the directions, so I took my bag of dirty clothes and headed for the place they had advised me to go to. Once I reached this laundry place, I realized this was not a laundry place where you could use washing machines with coins, but a real laundry place. Fortunately the cute older signora told me where the closest laundry place was where coins could be used.

The place was interesting. I entered a room with a machine where you could buy buttons of soap, washing machines and tumble driers, but no staff. Ok, let’s try it, I thought. Soap? The machine said it costed 1,50€. I put in one euro and out comes the soap. Fine, even cheaper. I’m happy. Then starts the encounter with the washing machine. I’m supposed to put in three euros in order to wash a machine. I put in three, and the machine asks for more. In the end, it’s satisfied with four euros. Oh well, at least it’s working. After 38 minutes in this room with one bench and three fashion magazines, my washing machine is ready. Perfect. I take out my washed clothes and move them to the tumble drier. After spent six euros for one whole washing experience, I have clean clothes so I leave the laundry place. I try to figure out when this place is open, but it’s impossible since there are no indications of opening hours on the door. Silly me. That would be, hmm..too logical?

On my way home, I start to feel hungry and I suddenly remembered the sandwich place we went to with G on Saturday evening. So I head for Panino. This time I order a sandwich called Venus, perfect for a girl like me, wouldn’t you say? Completely satisfied, I return to the hotel with an amazing sandwich and a Coke. The day is saved. This is one of the things I love about Italy. I mean, look at this beautiful sandwich. Mozzarella, grana cheese (similar to parmeggiano), lettuce, tomato, rocket salad. Pure heaven for six euros. I guess it's useless to say that there's no Mcdonalds here. This place has not been touched yet by the Mcdonalds effect, hehe.

Tomorrow I’m leaving for Brescia, a city situated in Lombardy, the same region as Milan. One of my friends F lives there and since it’s his birthday, I’m going there for two nights, so almost three days. Nice, I have never been to Brescia before.

Tomorrow I am also moving my things to the staff facilities in the other hotel owned my bosses. I went to see them today. They are not that special, standard rooms, but it’s fine for me. As long as I am able to use my computer and I have my own room, I’m happy. There are three rooms there and the other two will be occupied by two waitresses and one receptionist from the other hotel. I already know the waitresses from my hotel, and they are really nice, so I think it will be nicer to leave close to them than living all alone like I have been living until now.

Besides this, today we were comparing our working hours with G, my colleague, and it seems that from about the fifth of May, we will both start at twelve o’clock, which means that we can spend the morning on the beach together. I’m looking forward to that.

What's your opinion?