Defining my random sample

As I glanced through my blog, I seem to have forgotten to write that I have managed to get an assigner for my thesis. My topic has now been changed to “The mental picture of Helsinki- Helsinki’s marketing in Italy made during the years 2006-2008” since my assigner is the tourist- and congress office of Helsinki, for which I will also work from the end of June. Yey.

The good news is that for this thesis, I need to make a research and I have decided that I will make two questionnaires that I will hand out to:

1) Italians that have never been to Helsinki/Finland and
2) Italians that are already in Finland and therefore have been reached by some marketing channel.

I doubted earlier the possibility of finding Italians that have never been to Finland to fill in a questionnaire. But then I realized that this hotel is perfect. The persons here have no mental picture of Finland whatsoever and therefore they are perfect as my target group. Yesterday I asked my boss if I could ask Italians to fill in a questionnaire and she agreed to let me do this, so as soon as I will have my theoretical part done, I can make the questionnaires and start collecting respondents. It will be interesting to see why these people know so little about my wonderful home city. I have been trying to be careful not to tell them too much about Helsinki so far, so that the answers will be honest and sincere.

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